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Watch This BEFORE Opening A Tiktok Shop (URGENT)

Watch This BEFORE Opening A Tiktok Shop (URGENT)

In my seven years of e-commerce experience, I have never seen a gold rush quite like what is happening with Tiktok Shop right now. In this article, I will guide you through the process of starting your own Tiktok Shop and explain the logistics involved step-by-step. Tiktok Shop has immense potential for selling products, and I believe it will play a major role in generating sales in the next 18 months. I have personally generated 20to20 to 25 million in e-commerce sales, and I expect to match that amount solely through Tiktok Shop. So, let me walk you through the process while dispelling some misconceptions and providing crucial tips for success.

Step 1: Opening Your Tiktok Shop

When opening your Tiktok Shop, there are a few important things to keep in mind. First, you can use your personal information or an LLC to create your shop. However, even if you choose to use an LLC, your personal information will still be required to verify your identity. Therefore, it is generally best to start with personal information to increase your chances of approval. If you plan to open multiple Tiktok Shops, you can use LLCs, but be aware that they may get disabled, and you will need to go through an appeal process to reactivate them.

Step 2: Managing Your Tiktok Shop

Once your shop is open, there are certain rules and regulations you must adhere to ensure the success and longevity of your Tiktok Shop. These include:

  1. Three-day scanning: Your dispatch rate, which measures how quickly you ship out products, must be within three days. It is crucial to send out products as soon as possible to maintain a good dispatch rate.
  2. Feedback score: Customers can leave feedback on your shop, and this will affect your shop's overall health. Aim to provide excellent customer service and resolve any issues promptly to maintain a high feedback score.
  3. 24-hour response rate: Promptly respond to any messages from customers within 24 hours. This is crucial for providing exceptional customer service and maintaining a good reputation.

Step 3: Selling on Tiktok Shop

When it comes to selling products on Tiktok Shop, there are a few tactics to keep in mind. Firstly, be cautious about sending out samples to every creator. Instead, do thorough research on each creator's performance and verify their track record on Tiktok Shop. Look for creators who have made significant sales and have an engaged audience. Start by sending a moderate amount of samples and adjust based on results.

Additionally, consider the number of samples you send out based on your inventory and scale. Sending too many samples can become expensive, so it is essential to find the right balance. Consider beginning with 20 to 30 samples per day and gradually increase or decrease based on demand.


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Q: Can I use an LLC to open a Tiktok Shop? A: Yes, you can use an LLC, but keep in mind that personal verification is still required.

Q: How many samples should I send out? A: The number of samples depends on your inventory and desired scale. Start with a moderate amount and adjust based on results.

Q: What are the regulations for Tiktok Shop? A: Tiktok Shop has specific rules and regulations, including three-day scanning, maintaining a feedback score, and a 24-hour response rate.

Q: How should I handle fulfillment and cash flow? A: Fulfillment can be challenging, especially if you are dropshipping. Cash flow is also an important consideration, as you will need to pay for inventory upfront. Consider working with suppliers who can assist with cash flow or explore alternatives like securing lines of credit.