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What is a Request for Information RFI #shorts #supplychain

What is a Request for Information (RFI)? #shorts #supplychain

In the world of supply chain management, a Request for Information (RFI) plays a crucial role in gathering essential details and data from potential suppliers. This process is particularly useful when a Fashion Group is looking to set up a distribution center and outsource operations to streamline their business. By sending out a list of open questions to various suppliers, the company can quickly assess the available solutions and determine which suppliers align best with their needs. Through this efficient process, the Fashion Group can then shortlist potential partners and begin collaborating to create a tailored and effective distribution setup.


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  1. What is the purpose of a Request for Information (RFI) in supply chain management?
  2. How can a Fashion Group benefit from using an RFI when setting up a distribution center and outsourcing operations?
  3. What is the process of sending out an RFI to potential suppliers, and how does it help in selecting the right partners for collaboration?