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What's it like to sell via livestream on TikTok, Amazon and YouTube #Shorts

What's It Like to Sell via Livestream on TikTok, Amazon, and YouTube #Shorts

Livestream shopping has become a phenomenon in recent years, particularly in China, where it has generated billions of dollars in sales. However, its popularity in the United States has been slower to catch on. But that hasn't stopped entrepreneurs like Miriam Sandler from embracing the trend and finding success on platforms like TikTok, Amazon, and YouTube #Shorts.

Sandler, a live stream shopping host, has built a substantial following on social media, with her mother's branded accounts boasting millions of followers on Instagram and TikTok, and her personal YouTube channel recently reaching 100,000 subscribers. With such a large online presence, Sandler is able to leverage her audience to promote and sell her favorite products through live streams on Amazon.

The concept of live stream shopping is not entirely new, with QVC being a well-known pioneer in this space. However, the rise of platforms like Taobao Live in China has taken this shopping method to new heights, with McKinsey estimating the market to be worth 171billionin2020.Thefirmalsopredictsthatthemarketwillcontinuetogrowandreach171 billion in 2020. The firm also predicts that the market will continue to grow and reach 423 billion by 2022 in China alone.

In the U.S, the trend has been slower to take off, but companies are starting to invest in this emerging market. Alibaba's Taobao Live is currently the world's largest live shopping player, holding a 35% market share. However, American companies are looking to jump in and capitalize on the potential of livestream shopping.

With the success seen in China and the growing interest in live stream shopping in the U.S, it raises the question of whether consumers are willing to buy products through this unique shopping experience. The script asks readers/viewers to share their thoughts in the comments.


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  1. What is livestream shopping?
    • Livestream shopping involves hosts showcasing products in real-time through a live video stream, allowing viewers to purchase items directly while watching the stream.
  2. How successful is livestream shopping in China?
    • Livestream shopping has generated billions of dollars in sales in China, with McKinsey estimating the market to be worth 171billionin2020andprojectedtogrowto171 billion in 2020 and projected to grow to 423 billion by 2022.
  3. Is livestream shopping popular in the United States?
    • While livestream shopping is slower to catch on in the U.S, American companies are starting to invest in this emerging market. Platforms like Amazon, TikTok, and YouTube #Shorts are embracing livestream shopping to cater to consumer demands.
  4. How do influencers utilize livestream shopping?
    • Influencers like Miriam Sandler leverage their large online following to promote and sell products through livestream shopping. They engage with their audience, showcase their favorite items, and provide real-time product information to drive sales.