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When you online shop without mom’s permission & try to cover it up #onlineshopping

When you online shop without mom’s permission & try to cover it up #onlineshopping

Who ordered a pink treadmill? It was your girl math gift! Once the pink treadmill was practically free after a 25% off discount, it only cost $ 149. However, it was purchased without asking using someone else's credit card. The idea behind the purchase was that by using the treadmill, one could potentially lose weight and fit into old clothes, saving money on buying new ones. This led to the suggestion of canceling a gym membership to save even more money. The purchase spree didn't stop there as more items were bought, and the justification was that since they were practically free, why not buy more. This behavior led to buying another treadmill as a gift to mom to further justify personal purchases.


Online shopping, Unauthorized purchases, Savings on clothes, Canceling gym membership, Free items, Justifying purchases, Gifts


  1. Why was a pink treadmill purchased without permission using someone else's credit card?
  2. How did the idea of losing weight and fitting into old clothes justify the purchase of the pink treadmill?
  3. What other items were purchased after the treadmill, and what was the reasoning behind these purchases?
  4. How did the person plan to cover up their personal purchases by buying another treadmill as a gift for mom?
  5. What potential consequences could arise from making unauthorized purchases and justifying them with savings from canceling other expenses?