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Why Do Jeans Have This Triangle | #paatterndrafting #sewing #jeans

Why Do Jeans Have This Triangle? | #paatterndrafting #sewing #jeans

When looking at a regular pair of pants, you may notice a line above the back pocket known as a dart. This dart is designed to add a subtle bowl shape to the fabric for comfort. However, in jeans, you will often find a triangle or trapezoid shape instead of a dart in the back. This unique shape serves the same purpose but is constructed differently. By incorporating a curved trapezoid piece with a curve at the bottom and sewing it to the pant leg in a specific way, jeans achieve a flattering fit for the backside. This article delves into the design intricacies of jeans and explains why this triangle is incorporated into their construction.


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  1. Why do jeans have a triangle in the back?
    • Jeans have a triangle or trapezoid shape in the back to provide a flattering bowl shape for the buttocks, enhancing comfort and fit.
  2. Are these triangles part of the standard sewing techniques in pants construction?
    • The triangles or trapezoids in jeans are a unique design feature specific to denim construction and differ from the traditional dart seen in other pants.
  3. Can this shaping technique be applied to other clothing items for improved fit?
    • While the concept of back shaping for a better fit can be applied to various garments, the specific technique used in jeans construction may not be directly transferable to all clothing items.