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Why I choose not to make monetized tiktoks

Why I Choose Not to Make Monetized TikToks

I have created over 7,000 TikTok videos, but I have only been paid for about 300 of them. This is because TikTok only pays for videos that are over a minute long. Many creators I know admit to stretching their videos to reach this length just to make money, but I believe this strategy is not the most effective way to grow on the platform. TikTok is designed for short-form videos, and stretching content can hinder its performance. Instead of focusing solely on short-term monetization, I prioritize creating short videos that will resonate with my audience and help grow my account organically. By doing so, I have been able to attract more sponsorships and earn higher fees due to the increased reach of my account.

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1. Why do some creators stretch their TikTok videos to over a minute in length?

Some creators stretch their videos to meet the one-minute mark because TikTok only pays for videos that are over a minute long. They do this to monetize their content, even though it may negatively impact the performance of the video.

2. How can focusing on short videos benefit creators on TikTok?

Creating short videos that are engaging and resonate with the audience can help creators grow their accounts organically. This approach can attract more followers, improve reach, and lead to more lucrative sponsorship opportunities in the long run.