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Why the new TikTok Creativity Program Beta is TRASH

Why the New TikTok Creative Program Beta is TRASH

The new TikTok Creator Fund Beta program has recently been introduced, aiming to provide creators with more opportunities to earn money and create longer videos. However, upon closer examination, there are several aspects of the program that I find disappointing. In this article, I will outline the reasons why I dislike the new TikTok Creator Fund Beta and provide an in-depth analysis of its limitations.

Limitations of the New TikTok Creator Fund Beta

  1. Inability to monetize picture videos: Under the new program, creators are not eligible for payment if they post picture videos. For instance, if a video showcases a comparison between Tom Brady playing for the Patriots and the Buccaneers, followed by his retirement, no payment is received, regardless of the number of views.

  2. Restrictions on incorporating pictures within videos: Interestingly, if a video includes a picture of a particular scene or character, TikTok does not count it towards the video's engagement metrics. This limitation can be frustrating for creators who creatively blend images with videos to enhance their content.

  3. Videos over one minute long are not monetized: Since most TikTok videos are short clips ranging from 10 to 30 seconds, the inability to monetize videos that exceed one minute severely limits earning potential. Creators cannot benefit from the extended video format offered by the platform.

  4. Duets are not considered for payment: Collaborating with other creators through duets is a popular feature on TikTok. However, the new Creator Fund Beta does not count duets towards payment calculations. Despite contributing to the engagement and growth of a video, creators receive no compensation for duets.

  5. Partial views are not monetized: In the previous version of the Creator Fund, all views, regardless of their duration, were counted. However, the new program only grants payment for complete views. If a video has 100,000 views but only 50,000 viewers watch it in its entirety, the creator is only compensated for those 50,000 views.

  6. Increased payout threshold: To transfer earnings to a bank account, creators must reach a 50threshold.Unlikethepreviousprogram,wherecreatorscouldwithdrawevensmallamounts,theynowhavetowaituntiltheyaccumulateatleast50 threshold. Unlike the previous program, where creators could withdraw even small amounts, they now have to wait until they accumulate at least 50 in earnings before transferring funds.


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Q1: How does the new TikTok Creator Fund Beta differ from the previous version? A1: The new program introduces several changes, such as limitations on monetizing picture videos, restrictions on incorporating pictures into videos, the inability to monetize videos over one minute long, non-monetary consideration for duets, partial view exclusions, and an increased payout threshold.

Q2: Can creators still earn money on TikTok through the old Creator Fund? A2: No, TikTok has completely replaced the old Creator Fund with the new Creator Fund Beta. Creators who were already part of the old program were not required to switch to the new version.

Q3: Can creators monetize videos featuring a combination of pictures and videos? A3: Unfortunately, the new Creator Fund Beta does not count videos that include pictures towards monetization calculations. Content creators are only compensated for videos that consist purely of recorded footage.

Q4: What is the payout threshold for the new Creator Fund Beta? A4: Unlike the old program, which allowed creators to withdraw funds no matter the amount earned, the new Creator Fund Beta requires creators to accumulate at least $50 in earnings before they can transfer the funds to their bank account.

Q5: Are partial views still counted towards the overall view count? A5: In the new TikTok Creator Fund Beta, only complete views are taken into account for payment calculations. If a viewer watches only a fraction of a video and then swipes away, that view is not considered when determining compensation for the creator.

By examining the limitations of the new TikTok Creator Fund Beta, it becomes evident that these changes may not be favorable for many creators on the platform. The inability to monetize various types of content and the increased restrictions may hinder income potential and creative freedom.