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Why you should DIY vs got to a shop #tiktok #carslover #trending #viral #diy #shorts #short #fyp

Why you should DIY vs go to a shop #tiktok #carslover #trending #viral #diy #shorts #short #fyp

In a recent video highlighting a negative experience at a Firestone shop, the narrator showcases a poorly executed tire alignment job. Pointing out the severely twisted and damaged boot for the inner tie rod, the narrator emphasizes the importance of tackling such tasks on one's own rather than relying on professional shops. The twisted boot, which appears almost ripped due to excessive twisting during the alignment process, serves as a cautionary tale for those considering external automotive services.


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  • Why is doing your own car maintenance important? Doing your own car maintenance allows you to have full control over the quality of work done on your vehicle, avoiding potential mistakes or subpar services from external shops.

  • What are the risks of relying solely on automotive shops for maintenance? Relying solely on automotive shops can sometimes lead to instances like the one showcased in the video, where important components are damaged due to poor workmanship or negligence.

  • Is it always better to DIY car maintenance tasks? While DIY may not be for everyone, having some basic knowledge of car maintenance can help in identifying substandard work by professionals, ensuring that your vehicle is in top condition.