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Zero to $1,000 a Day Dropshipping Challenge

Zero to $1,000 a Day Dropshipping Challenge

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to start an online business from scratch and make $1,000 in a single day? In a recent video, Biaheza took on this challenge and documented his journey. Armed with only a laptop and a phone, he set out to start a dropshipping business and reach his ambitious goal within a week.

Step 1: Finding the Right Product

For his dropshipping business, Biaheza chose to sell a microcurrent device. This device simulates the effects of a professional microcurrent treatment for the face, providing a face-lifting effect. The product was sourced from AliExpress and could be purchased for around 1520andsoldfor15-20 and sold for 50-60.

Step 2: Building a Website

Biaheza knew the importance of having a professional-looking website to gain customer trust. He created a clean and modern website called "Skin Fion" that showcased the product and provided detailed information for potential customers. The product page included a product description, before and after photos, a video demonstration, and customer reviews.

Step 3: Creating an Advertisement

Instead of relying on traditional advertising platforms like Facebook, Biaheza chose to advertise his dropshipping business on TikTok. With its growing popularity and low advertising costs, TikTok provided the perfect opportunity to reach a wide audience and generate sales. He used a service that compiled existing videos of the product into an advertisement, which he then uploaded to his TikTok account.

Step 4: Running Ads and Tracking Sales

After connecting his Shopify and TikTok accounts, Biaheza launched his ads and began tracking the results. Initially, there were some issues with the product being mistakenly categorized as a pharmaceutical item, resulting in ads being paused. However, he quickly resolved the problem by modifying the language on the website and resubmitting the ads for review.

The Results

On the first full day of running his ads, Biaheza achieved 1,019insales,withatotalprofitofaround1,019 in sales, with a total profit of around 300 after accounting for ad expenses. This success demonstrated the potential of TikTok as an effective advertising platform for dropshipping businesses.


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Q: Can anyone start a dropshipping business and make $1,000 a day? A: While it is possible to achieve such results, success in dropshipping requires persistence, strategic product selection, and effective marketing.

Q: Is TikTok advertising a viable option for dropshipping businesses? A: Yes, TikTok advertising can be an effective and cost-efficient way to reach a wide audience and generate sales, especially for newer platforms.

Q: How important is having a professional website in dropshipping? A: A professional website is crucial to gain customer trust and showcase the product in a visually appealing and informative manner.

Q: What are the key steps in setting up a dropshipping business? A: The key steps include finding the right product, building a website, creating effective advertisements, running ads, and tracking sales to optimize performance.