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Creator Spotlight: Just The Nobodys - Promoting Asian Representation

Creator Spotlight: Just The Nobodys - Promoting Asian Representation

Next up in our Creator Spotlight series is @justthenobodys, a podcasting duo made up of two brothers, Ryan and Daniel Omoto. On their podcast, they discuss pop culture, science, and everything in between, with a goal of promoting Asian representation. Just The Nobodys represents the idea that anyone can make a difference in the world, regardless of their status. Their platform showcases family-friendly content that is inclusive to all races and communities.

Being part of the API community means being part of a family-like community that celebrates life, achievements, food, and overcoming adversity. It is empowering to know our roots and the sacrifices our ancestors made for us to have the opportunities we have today. As members of the API community, we share experiences of facing adversity and hardships that are unique to minorities. Our grandparents were placed in internment camps solely because of their race, yet they emerged from those camps with resilience and had to start their lives anew. Their sacrifice and perseverance motivate us to give our all in creating content. We aim to represent the API community in a positive way and honor our ancestors who overcame discrimination and difficult circumstances.

The TikTok community has inspired us by showing us the success that diverse communities around the world can achieve on the app. It is empowering to be able to freely express our passions and interests. TikTok is a space where people can connect over shared experiences, participate in viral challenges, advocate for their communities, raise awareness for causes, build connections, and create lasting memories. As influencers, we feel supported and empowered. The For You Page feature has been particularly valuable in highlighting diverse voices from around the world. TikTok has truly created an inclusive platform that reflects the diversity of our world.

Our favorite TikTok video is one where we discussed Squid Game. This video is meaningful to us because Squid Game became a global phenomenon and the biggest show of 2021. It featured an all-Asian cast that is breaking barriers and representing the Asian community in the entertainment industry. It was a dream come true to be able to talk about such a significant show and support the API community at the same time. This video embodies everything we stand for - inclusion, Asian representation, and discussing pop culture. The combination of these elements is rare and special.

On and off TikTok, our passions include golfing, music (playing various instruments), serving our community (Ryan is a licensed EMT and Daniel is studying Healthcare Management), and watching movies and TV shows. Creating content on TikTok with my brother, Daniel, is our ultimate passion.

Our dream opportunity is to have our own interactive talk show where we can showcase other API creators and individuals from around the world. We want to create a fun and entertaining space where guests from interesting fields can share their personal experiences and everyone has an opportunity to be heard and seen. We aspire to be advocates for equality and diversity.

Our advice for other podcasters starting out is to showcase your passion on TikTok. Find a topic you are genuinely excited about and discuss it with enthusiasm. People are drawn to our TikTok and podcast because of our genuine excitement for the topics we discuss.