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hone wala pati……. #payalpanchal #shorts music short video|tiktok fun music shortmusic video

Hone Wala Pati…….?

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Title: Hone Wala Pati…….? #payalpanchal #shorts music short video|tiktok fun music shortmusic video

Script: Sona Sona Lamha Lamha Meri Rahe Tanha Tanha Excuse me why are you sitting alone here so late at night, I have been waiting here for my future husband every day for two years, in one day he ran away from my wedding hall and came here for him. He had said that we both will get married and he has not come till today, then what will you do now, what else

can I do except wait for him, then how long will you keep waiting for him like this till he comes, it is very bad for you. Even if we go backward along the way, stay with us, let's go baby, step by step, there is infinite love, come, I am waiting for you.

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Keywords: Sona Lamha, Rahe Tanha, Excuse me, waiting, future husband, wedding, ran away, married, waiting, bad, backward, infinite love.

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Q: Why is the person sitting alone late at night? A: The person is waiting for their future husband.

Q: How long has the person been waiting? A: The person has been waiting for two years.

Q: Why did their future husband run away from the wedding hall? A: The future husband ran away from the wedding hall and came to the person.

Q: What did the future husband promise? A: The future husband promised that they would get married.

Q: How does the person feel about waiting for the future husband? A: The person feels it's bad to keep waiting for him.

Q: Is there any hope for their relationship? A: The person believes in infinite love and is still waiting for their future husband.