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How Much Did TikTok Pay Me for My First Day Monetized?

Just recently, I achieved a significant milestone - getting monetized on TikTok! My username is jared333, and I am overjoyed to share this news with all of you. Surprisingly, I have more followers on TikTok than on my YouTube channel, which I have been putting effort into for some time now. Transitioning to TikTok has been an exciting journey as I find it easier to gain subscribers and followers on this platform compared to YouTube. It's amazing how quickly things can progress on TikTok, and I earned my first penny on April 23, 2021. If you want to follow my TikTok journey, make sure to find me at jared333 and subscribe for the latest updates!


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  1. How long did it take to earn your first penny on TikTok? It took me until April 23, 2021, to earn my first penny after getting monetized on TikTok.

  2. Why did you find it easier to gain followers on TikTok than on YouTube? The dynamics of TikTok's algorithm and user engagement make it easier to attract followers and subscribers in comparison to YouTube.

  3. Will you continue to focus more on TikTok now that you have seen success on the platform? While TikTok has proved to be a lucrative platform for me, I will continue to create content on both TikTok and YouTube to expand my reach and engage with a diverse audience.