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how to create usa tiktok account in pakistan | how to make money on tiktok | change location tiktok

1. How to Create USA TikTok Account in Pakistan | How to Make Money on TikTok | Change Location TikTok

In the Hello Gas video, the speaker explains how to easily create a TikTok account with monetization options for users living in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and India. By using two applications, users can create accounts that allow them to monetize their content and earn money. The process involves downloading the TikTok premium app and selecting the United States as the region or country. Users can then create a new account with a valid email address. The speaker also offers a service to create TikTok accounts for users for a fee.

To start, download the TikTok premium app, and select the United States as the region or country. Create a new TikTok account using a valid email address. Choose the date of birth as at least 18 years old, as accounts below this age will not be eligible for monetization. Finally, add a nickname and confirm to complete the account setup.

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