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secrets of the tiktok shop #shorts #viral #dropshipping #wealth #money #finance #shortsfeed #fypシ

Secrets of the TikTok Shop #shorts #viral #dropshipping #wealth #money #finance #shortsfeed #fypシ

So at this point watching for you guys, you know how to get an account going, what products to sell, and of course, you see the big potential. So I thought it'd be helpful to you guys if I actually showed how I make these videos. I've been doing organic content on TikTok for over 3 years now, so you could say I have a little advantage. But at the same time, these videos are so much different than what I would post for a normal Dropshipping video, in a good way because they're so much easier to make. For the Valentine's Day products, while I could still sell them, I was using this calendar here, the cards, and flowers because if you remember in the video, I mentioned all that stuff. But like I talked about earlier, I found these slippers with a 60% commission, so let's make a video for them. The main appeal is how cheap they are, so that's basically what the whole video is going to be about. I usually go off the dome for the script, but a few things I always do is point to the TikTok Shop link in the bottom left corner, say the price, and show off the basic benefits of it.


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  1. How long has the speaker been creating organic content on TikTok?
  2. What is the main appeal of the slippers mentioned in the script?
  3. What are some key elements the scriptwriter always includes in their videos?
  4. How does the speaker point viewers to the TikTok Shop link in their videos?
  5. What advantages does the speaker note about creating TikTok content compared to traditional Dropshipping videos?