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TikTok Launches Month-Long Holiday Celebration to Support and Showcase Diverse Community

Now that November has arrived, it's time to start decorating and celebrating the holiday season. TikTok is launching a month-long holiday celebration to support and showcase our diverse community of creators, users, and artists. This initiative, called #HolidaysOurWay, aims to honor and celebrate the different voices and backgrounds of the people on our platform, featuring cultural traditions, family food, conversations, and human connections.

Throughout the month, TikTok will offer a calendar full of LIVE programming and curated creator content, creating an uplifting and inclusive end to 2020. We are excited to see our community come together over meals, participate in classic holiday traditions, and contribute to those in need. You can find festive TikTok content and LIVE streams by searching for #HolidaysOurWay on the Discover page.

One of the highlights of this holiday celebration is the 'Holidays Our Way' weekly TikTok LIVE stream, where creators will share their favorite holiday festivities. The programming starts tonight with @suhenna_creations and a Diwali-themed LIVE at 5:00 PM PST. Additionally, we are launching a holiday version of our popular TikTok LIVE series, 'Dinner with Me,' where @Nabela will kick off the holiday edition tomorrow, November 18 at 5:00 PM PT with a special Bengali holiday 'Preeti-bhoj' or 'love feast.' Alongside the LIVE streams, we will introduce several holiday-themed creative effects to bring the excitement of the season to life. We encourage creators to use #HolidaysOurWay as they share their unique family traditions, cultural celebrations, and favorite memories, allowing us to celebrate the holidays together on TikTok.

Furthermore, we will be introducing new holiday-themed content for our video series, 'Amplify Diverse Voices,' which supports and discovers diverse creators on TikTok. In this special holiday edition, we will highlight creators in our community and their holiday traditions. Amplify Diverse Voices aims to uplift and celebrate cultures, help users discover traditions, and encourage the community to learn from our incredible creators.

From our TikTok family to yours, we wish you Happy Holidays! Stay tuned for @rebekahlowin's upcoming tutorial on creating a Hanukkah candy board on her Instagram. #jewish #jewishtiktok #jewishfood #hanukkah ♬ Exactly Like You - Sam Cooke