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TikTok's Response to the Recent Executive Order

TikTok's Response to the Recent Executive Order

TikTok is deeply concerned about the recent Executive Order, which was issued without following due process. Over the past year, they have actively engaged with the US government in good faith to address the concerns raised. However, instead of considering the facts, the Administration has disregarded due legal processes and imposed its own terms on the agreement, attempting to interfere in private business negotiations.

TikTok wants to emphasize that they have never shared user data with the Chinese government or censored content at its request. In fact, they promote transparency by making their moderation guidelines and algorithm source code available in their Transparency Center, a level of accountability that no other company in their industry has committed to. They have even expressed their willingness to sell the US business to an American company.

This Executive Order not only risks undermining global businesses' trust in the United States' commitment to the rule of law, which has been a driving force for investment and economic growth, but also sets a dangerous precedent for free expression and open markets. TikTok will exhaust all available legal remedies to ensure that the rule of law is upheld and that their company and users are treated fairly, whether by the Administration or through the US courts.

To the 100 million Americans who love their platform as a space for self-expression, entertainment, and connection, TikTok wants them to know that they remain unwavering in their commitment. The safety, security, and trust of their community are always their top priorities. As TikTok users, creators, partners, and family, they have the right to express their opinions to their elected representatives, including the White House. Their voices deserve to be heard.