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watch this if you want to dropship (URGENT)

Watch This if You Want to Dropship (URGENT)

If you've ever wanted to start dropshipping, this article is a must-read. In this video, we will discuss a new opportunity that has emerged recently on TikTok called TikTok Shop. This platform allows creators to promote and sell products directly on TikTok, similar to how Amazon operates. TikTok takes a 5% commission from each sale made on its platform. This new feature provides a significant opportunity for dropshippers, as TikTok is favoring videos with the TikTok Shop feature in its algorithm. So, how can you take advantage of this opportunity?

Step 1: Understanding TikTok Shop

TikTok Shop is a new platform within the TikTok app that allows creators to sell products and earn commissions. The algorithm now favors TikTok videos with the Shop feature, making it easier for creators to gain visibility for their products. This means that dropshippers can create their own TikTok page, post engaging content, and potentially reach a wider audience without spending money on ads.

Step 2: Capitalizing on TikTok Shop

To capitalize on TikTok Shop, you can start by researching the products currently selling well on the platform. You can browse through the TikTok Shop section and identify successful products that you can sell yourself. Once you've identified a product, you can partner with a supplier like Zen Drop to fulfill orders. The exciting part is that TikTok Shop relies heavily on affiliate marketing. You can reach out to influencers and TikTok creators with over 10,000 followers and offer them a commission for promoting your product. This means you can leverage the power of viral content and influencers to drive sales and generate profit.

Step 3: Taking Action

To start dropshipping on TikTok Shop, you don't need a large budget or even affiliates. You can Amazon Prime a product you want to dropship, source it from a supplier like Zen Drop, and create engaging content around the product. By leveraging the power of viral TikTok videos, you can drive sales directly through your TikTok Shop without relying on external affiliates. This unique opportunity can be a gold mine for those who take action early.


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  1. How does TikTok Shop work?
  • TikTok Shop is a new platform on TikTok that allows creators to sell products directly on the app. Creators can earn commissions from sales, and TikTok takes a 5% cut for promoting and hosting the sales on their platform.
  1. Do I need a budget to start dropshipping on TikTok Shop?
  • While having some money to invest would be helpful, it is possible to start dropshipping on TikTok Shop with little to no budget by leveraging the power of viral content and influencer marketing.
  1. How can I find popular products to sell on TikTok Shop?
  • You can browse the TikTok Shop section on the app to find products that are already selling well. This can give you insights into what products have potential for success on the platform.
  1. Can I use any supplier for my dropshipping business on TikTok Shop?
  • While the video mentions using Zen Drop as a supplier, you can choose any trusted supplier that provides the products you want to sell. Research and collaboration with reliable suppliers is key to running a successful dropshipping business on TikTok Shop.
  1. How can I approach influencers and TikTok creators to promote my products?
  • You can use the TikTok platform itself, specifically the TikTok Shop dashboard, to message influencers and creators with offers to promote your products. Offering them a commission or affiliate partnership can incentivize them to work with you.

These FAQs provide a brief overview of some commonly asked questions related to dropshipping on TikTok Shop. For more detailed information, consider exploring the free course mentioned in the video or further research on implementing dropshipping strategies on TikTok Shop.