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He Made $360k in ONE WEEK As A TikTok Shop Affiliate (How To Start TikTok Shop)

He Made $360k in ONE WEEK As A TikTok Shop Affiliate (How To Start TikTok Shop)


In a recent video, Twitch, a successful TikTok shop affiliate, shares his incredible success story. Over the past week, he has generated over $360,000 in sales through TikTok shop. In this article, we will dive into the details of how Twitch achieved these astonishing numbers and how you can start your own TikTok shop affiliate journey.

Step 1: How to Generate Massive Sales with TikTok Shop

According to Twitch, his TikTok shop journey began just under two weeks ago, and he has already experienced tremendous success. In the last week alone, he has generated 360,000insales,withaprofitofaround360,000 in sales, with a profit of around 30,000. This is the result of his strategic approach to finding winning products and utilizing the power of TikTok's algorithm.

Finding Winning Products on TikTok Shop

To find winning products on TikTok shop, Twitch suggests using two methods. Firstly, you can explore TikTok shop itself and look for products that have high demand and offer a high commission rate (ideally 20% or higher). Secondly, you can use free websites like Cow Data to conduct product research and identify popular products with good commission rates.

Creating Viral TikTok Shop Affiliate Videos

The key to success on TikTok is to create compelling videos that hook viewers and encourage them to take action. Twitch follows a simple three-step structure for his TikTok shop videos: hook, retain, and call to action.

  • Hook: In the beginning of the video, Twitch calls out his target demographic, addressing the specific audience who would be interested in the product. This creates a connection with the viewer and captures their attention.

  • Retain: Within the video, Twitch highlights the product's benefits and any special deals or promotions that may be available. He provides a sales pitch that engages viewers and convinces them of the value of the product.

  • Call to Action: Finally, Twitch concludes the video by directing viewers to the TikTok shop link where they can purchase the product. This clear call to action encourages viewers to take immediate action.

Maximizing Results and Scaling

Once a video goes viral and starts generating sales, Twitch recommends engaging with viewers by replying to every comment. This personalized interaction not only addresses any potential objections or questions viewers may have but also triggers TikTok's retargeting algorithm, resulting in increased exposure for future videos.

Twitch emphasizes the importance of consistency and volume in this TikTok shop affiliate strategy. By posting multiple videos per day, he maximizes his chances of creating viral videos and increasing his sales.

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Step 3: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long has Twitch been involved in TikTok shop affiliate marketing? A: Twitch started his TikTok shop affiliate journey just under two weeks ago.

Q: How much profit did Twitch make in one week with TikTok shop? A: Twitch generated over 360,000insaleswithaprofitofaround360,000 in sales with a profit of around 30,000 in one week.

Q: What are some tips for finding winning products on TikTok shop? A: Look for products with high demand, high commission rates (ideally 20% or higher), and consider selling branded items for increased customer trust.

Q: How many videos does Twitch post per day? A: Twitch posts five videos per day across each of his TikTok shop affiliate pages, totaling 20 videos per day.

Q: Is engagement with viewers important for TikTok shop success? A: Yes, engaging with viewers by replying to comments and addressing their concerns helps increase conversions and triggers TikTok's retargeting algorithm.


Twitch's incredible success as a TikTok shop affiliate is a testament to the power of this platform and its potential for generating massive sales. By following his strategies of finding winning products, creating viral videos, and engaging with viewers, you too can start your own TikTok shop affiliate journey and potentially achieve extraordinary results. So, dive into the world of TikTok shop affiliate marketing and start capitalizing on this lucrative opportunity.