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How I made $41K in a day! And how TikTok shop is working for my business - small business vlog

How I Made $41K in a Day! And How TikTok Shop is Working for My Business - Small Business Vlog

Subtitle: The story of a small business owner's record-breaking sales day and the impact of TikTok Shop


In this small business vlog, I'll be sharing the incredible experience I had recently when my business, EBD, made a whopping $41,000 in a single day. I'll also be discussing the role TikTok Shop played in this success and how it has been benefiting my business overall.

The weekend began with a frenzy as orders poured in for our grab bags. We started by shipping out the orders that came in early through our Facebook group. This gave us a taste of the excitement that was about to unfold. At noon, we released the grab bags to everyone and our website traffic began to climb rapidly.

Our grab bags included a variety of items such as washi tape, a pencil pouch, lanyard, pens, stickers, tea towel, and mini reusable bags. We had stock left of 2023 planners with slight imperfections, so we included those as well.

Before the official release, we gave a sneak peek on Instagram stories to our loyal followers, as a token of appreciation for their support. This generated anticipation and boosted the number of people on our website even before the email went out.

As the clock struck noon, we witnessed a surge in website visitors. It was thrilling to see the numbers climb rapidly. We had already sold over 100 grab bags to those with Early Access, but now it was time for everyone else to join in. The excitement continued to build.

With each passing minute, the number of visitors skyrocketed. Our site was flooded with orders, and notifications seemed to come in at a dizzying pace. The frenzy was beyond anything we had ever experienced before.

This surge in sales was partially due to a TickTock video I had posted earlier about our grab bags. To my surprise, it garnered over a million views, and the numbers kept rising. The TickTock Shop proved to be a game-changer for our business.

Following the initial release, we had sold approximately 500 grab bags. But with the TickTock Shop video, things took an unexpected turn. The video went viral, reaching a whopping 4 million views. Suddenly, we were swamped with orders. It was the busiest day we had ever had at EBD, and we were overjoyed.

Throughout the weekend, my team and I worked tirelessly to pack and ship orders. We wanted to ensure that our customers received their purchases as quickly as possible. Sales continued to pour in, and our revenue soared. By the end of the day, we had achieved a new single-day sales record of $41,000.

The success of our grab bags on TickTock Shop surpassed anything we had ever imagined. In total, we sold around 3,500 grab bags, smashing our previous record. The impact of TickTock Shop on our business was undeniable.

While the experience was both thrilling and stressful, it highlighted the immense power of social media platforms like TickTock Shop. The exposure it provided allowed us to reach a larger audience and generate record-breaking sales. We owe a great deal of our success to TickTock Shop and its ability to showcase our products to millions of viewers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Record-breaking sales day with $41,000 in revenue
  • TikTok Shop played a crucial role in generating sales
  • Grab bags containing various products were a huge hit
  • Early access to loyal followers on Instagram stories boosted excitement
  • Viral TikTok video garnered over 1 million views, leading to a surge in sales
  • TickTock Shop helped us reach a wider audience

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1. How did the TickTock Shop video affect your sales?

The TickTock Shop video had a massive impact on our sales. With over a million views, it generated significant interest and resulted in a surge of orders. It allowed us to reach a larger audience and achieve record-breaking sales.

2. What made these grab bags so popular?

Our grab bags offered a variety of items, including washi tape, a pencil pouch, lanyard, pens, stickers, tea towel, and mini reusable bags. Additionally, we included 2023 planners with slight imperfections, which made them unique and highly sought after.

3. How did Early Access on Instagram stories contribute to the success of the grab bags?

Providing Early Access to our loyal followers on Instagram stories generated excitement and anticipation. It rewarded our dedicated supporters and helped create a buzz around the grab bags even before the official release.

4. How did TikTok Shop help your business overall?

TikTok Shop played a crucial role in the success of our business. It allowed us to showcase our products to millions of viewers, resulting in increased brand visibility, website traffic, and ultimately, record-breaking sales.

5. How did you manage the overwhelming number of orders?

My team and I worked tirelessly to pack and ship orders as quickly as possible. We prioritized efficiency and customer satisfaction to ensure that everyone received their purchases promptly.