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How Much Does TIKTOK PAY CREATORS Per View Creator Fund Earnings Breakdown

How Much Does TIKTOK PAY CREATORS Per View? Creator Fund Earnings Breakdown

I entered the TikTok Creator Fund in 2020 and began analyzing my earnings per view to understand the potential for making a living solely from TikTok. In my first month in the Creator Fund, I earned $ 1,000, prompting me to delve deeper into the payment structure. By looking at random days from my recent earnings, I calculated that TikTok pays creators approximately $ 0.00004 per view. While this amount may seem minimal, exceptional video performance can lead to higher pay rates. It's important to note that creators should aim for a significant following before considering relying on TikTok earnings as their main income source.


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  1. How much does TikTok pay creators per view through the Creator Fund? TikTok pays approximately $ 0.00004 per view to creators in the Creator Fund, which may vary based on video performance.

  2. Is it possible to make a living solely from TikTok earnings? While some creators may earn substantial amounts, it is advisable to have a significant following, with millions of followers, before considering TikTok earnings as a primary source of income.

  3. Does video performance affect how much a creator gets paid on TikTok? Yes, videos that perform exceptionally well can result in higher pay rates for creators, showcasing the importance of creating engaging content to maximize earnings.

  4. What is the baseline recommendation for earnings on TikTok to ensure financial stability? It is recommended to have at least 2 million followers and a steady view baseline to aim for a daily income ranging from $ 100 to $ 400, providing a realistic and stable income stream.