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Hustling to sell a Patrk Philippe in New York. Part 2. (@Vookum on TikTok) #watch #luxury #shorts

Hustling to Sell a Patek Philippe in New York (Part 2. @Vookum on TikTok) #watch #luxury #shorts

Are you ready for some fast-paced flipping action? Well, look no further because in this episode of Fast Flips, Mike Anther is about to make his move. He's got a special watch to sell, and it's none other than a 2016 Patek Philippe, complete with box and papers. Let's dive into the details.

The Patek Philippe on offer is a 2016 model with all the bells and whistles, except for one tiny component - The Pusher. But don't worry, there are two extra links included, so you'll have options for the perfect fit. The watch boasts a 572 movement, adding to its appeal. Now, let's talk price.

Mike is asking for $ 90 for this Patek Philippe, and he prefers a wire transfer for the payment. He's got a potential buyer in mind, so he needs to check with them first. But rest assured, he'll get back to you soon with an update.

And in case you missed it, Fast Flips is back with more exciting watch-flipping action. So stay tuned for more thrilling episodes as Mike hustles his way through the luxury watch market in New York.


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Q: What is the watch Mike is selling? A: Mike is selling a 2016 Patek Philippe with box and papers, minus The Pusher component.

Q: What accessories are included with the watch? A: The watch comes with two extra links for resizing.

Q: What is the asking price for the Patek Philippe? A: Mike is asking for $ 90.

Q: How can the payment be made? A: Mike prefers a wire transfer for the payment.

Q: How can potential buyers get in touch with Mike? A: Potential buyers should reach out to Mike for further details.