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How to Make Money With TikTok Shop Affiliate (Everything You Need to Know)

How to Make Money With TikTok Shop Affiliate (Everything You Need to Know)

TikTok Shop Affiliate is quickly becoming the new gold rush for creators looking to earn money through social media. With just one simple video, you can generate a significant amount of income. If you've been using TikTok in the past couple of months, you've probably seen videos with tagged products. By clicking on those links, viewers can purchase products directly on TikTok, and the video's creator will receive a commission for every sale they generate. This eliminates the need for intermediaries or affiliate links, as TikTok automatically deducts the commission from product sales and pays the creator directly. This is a game-changer for creators as they no longer have to worry about unpaid commissions and can track every sale they generate within the same platform.

How Much Money Can You Make?

To give you an idea of the earning potential, let's take a look at a video example. In this case, a creator with 20,000 followers made a video that went viral, reaching 6.77 million views. The video featured a product with a commission of 15%. As a result, the creator earned $ 18,667 from the $ 124,000 in sales generated by the video. This goes to show that even a five-minute video can have a significant impact and generate substantial income.

Tips for Creating High-Converting Product Videos

Now, you might be wondering why certain videos go viral and sell a lot. Here are five characteristics of a good TikTok Shop video that converts well:

  1. Low production value: Videos that appear more authentic and less like commercials tend to perform better. Keep it simple and genuine.
  2. Authenticity: People want to see real people using and sharing their experiences with the product. Be honest and enthusiastic about the product.
  3. Video duration over 30 seconds: TikTok now rewards longer videos, so aim for a duration of over 30 seconds. This allows you to establish more trust and potentially make more sales.
  4. Tag the product: Tagging the product in the video is essential to earn the commissions. Also, it helps to increase the video's visibility as TikTok promotes its Shop feature.
  5. Soft sell at the end: Include a call to action at the end of the video, such as mentioning that the product is linked in your TikTok Shop. This encourages viewers to click the link and make a purchase.


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