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How to Make a TikTok Video in CANVA to Sell KDP Low Content Books [Canva Design Tutorial]

How to Make a TikTok Video in CANVA to Sell KDP Low Content Books [Canva Design Tutorial]

In today's tutorial, we will be learning how to quickly create TikTok marketing graphics using CANVA Pro. These graphics can be used to promote your low content books or any other products you want to market. Before we begin, make sure to download a cover image of your book and a few interior designs if you have them.

To start, open CANVA and search for "TikTok" under "What will you design?". This will bring up a variety of TikTok graphics and templates that you can use for your marketing. Consider the end goal of your video before choosing a template. If you want to provide value and promote your book, you can create tip videos or typographics that lead to the sale of your book.

Once you've selected a template, customize it by adding your own text and images. You can change the font, colors, and size to match your branding. Remember to think about the flow of your video and how you want to engage your audience.

To make your video more lively, you can add music from CANVA's audio library. Choose a track that fits the mood and theme of your video. Drag the selected audio track to your timeline underneath the video.

Once you're satisfied with your design and music, download the video as an MP4 file. Now you have a complete TikTok marketing video ready to be shared.

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-Q: Can I customize the templates in CANVA?
-A: Yes, CANVA allows you to fully customize the templates by changing the font, colors, and sizes to match your branding.

-Q: Can I add music to my TikTok video in CANVA?
-A: Yes, CANVA has an audio library where you can choose and add music tracks to your videos.

-Q: Can I reuse the templates I create in CANVA?
-A: Yes, you can duplicate and modify your templates in CANVA to create new marketing graphics for future videos.

-Q: Can I download my TikTok video from CANVA as an MP4 file?
-A: Yes, you can download your TikTok video as an MP4 file from CANVA, making it ready to be shared on TikTok.

-Q: Can I use CANVA for other social media platforms?
-A: Yes, CANVA is a versatile design tool that can be used for creating graphics and videos for various social media platforms.